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LIFE! (Single)

Oh, Baby!

Everybody's fool searching for the meaning of life. 

They're losing time: they don't know to feel and close their eyes. 

It's a rollercoaster with you, and I want to take a ride

It's you and your smile when I cried... 


Nothing but your loving with arms open wide

Waking every morning with you by my side

There is no pain left to hide: you're my life. 

It's a never ending day just because you're stopping the night.

It's like shipping an ocean so quiet with your wind in my back. 

It's a shadow in the desert, and a puddle with a cold beer inside.

It's you and your smile when I cried


Life: beatin' every monster threatening in the night. 

(I'm sure you're my life)

Giving every kiss in everything I've tried. 


This is my story: I'm suffering for you. 

I was singin' "Glory-Hallelujah!"

You took my hand and I was smiling, 

but I knew the truth... and my heart was crying. 

Yes, I'm your sin. 

Hey girl: I'm not a good man. 

I could fight, but I won't change.

Yes, girl: I'm not a good man. 

You must leave me before I hurt you. 

What can I say? I don't deserve you.

I love the bad things this life gave me, 

there's only a good one... I don't want to break it. 


I can't believe you when you say

you wanna stay with me

As if my 'B-Side' was a thing

you didn't want to see. 

And now it's your choice:

you have my warning. 


This is my story... Hallelujah!


Not a good man

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